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Guitar amplifiers and electric guitars go hand in hand. They complete the puzzle for a great sounding electric TONE. Upwey Music is the home to a great range of guitar amplifiers in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges. You can choose from either a tube-type or a solid-state guitar amplifier or the more recent digital modelling amps to achieve the overall sound that you wish to hear. We have a fully stocked music store, where you can try the guitar amplifiers in-store to assess their sound, clarity, and tone before your make your choice.

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At Upwey Music, we are music lovers with pure and deep love for all things musical. We put all our passion and dedication to bring you the best variety of guitar amplifiers in Melbourne. Whether you’d like to buy the great American guitar amplifiers like Fender, Randall and, Traynor, or, the British ones like Marshall, Laney and Vox, we have the ideal guitar amplifier for you.

Choose from a range of guitar amplifiers in Melbourne - guitar and bass amps; amp stands, acoustic guitar amps and keyboard amps all on our online music shop in Melbourne eastern suburbs. We have some of the curated guitar amplifiers in Melbourne; you’ll find Vox AC15 , AC4HW or Escort, Fender twin, Traynor YBT1 amps that are perfect for a jam session or music gig.

Custom Guitar Amplifier

Wondering about a custom guitar amplifiers in Melbourne? Walk into our store or call us at (03) 9754 7261 to discuss your requirement, and we’ll sort out something special for you. We have great amp builders who can work the tonal and sound qualities to achieve your desired performance. With multiple decades of experience in the music industry, we have a vast network of musicians and technicians with expertise in their craft.

We invite you to check out our vast range of varied guitar amplifiers in Melbourne at our online music store, or you are more than welcome to check out our music store in the hills of Upwey.

We are a couple of musos who put our love and passion towards music at the heart of everything we do. If you are not too sure of which amplifier to buy, then feel free to call us, and we’ll be happy to guide you through our many choices.