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Guitar effect pedals offer exciting effects to enhance the tone of your guitar, instead of just connecting directly to the guitar amplifier. The inclusion of a pedal can change the sound to achieve a variety of effects like boost, overdrive, fuzz, echo, chorus and much more, allowing you to take your direct guitar-to-amp sound to a totally different level.

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Whether you are a beginner jamming in your garage, or a musician experimenting to get more out of your electric guitar, a guitar pedal can help you achieve it. At Upwey Music store, you’ll find an extensive range of guitar pedals in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, with an entire range of effects. Starting from overdrive, wah, distortion, boost or fuzz, you can plug either one or multiple guitar effects pedals to create your own unique tone and another dimension to your sound. There are time-based guitar effects pedals that offer delay, reverb or echo and help modulate and expand the sound that you achieve with your guitar.

Once you dive into the world of guitar effects pedals, there are endless options to keep changing, enhancing and transforming your music into a whole new dimension.

Find your pick of guitar pedals in Melbourne from our store. Apart from the international brands of pedal makers such as Nu-X, Dunlop, or MXR, we stock Australian pedal manufacturers – Kink Pedals, Sworgs, and Walter to support local instrument manufacturers who bring equally great guitar effects pedals that look visually great and sound even better.

Visit us at our music store in the hills to check our guitar pedal collections in Melbourne.

Custom Guitar Effects Pedals in Melbourne

At the Upwey Music shop, we wish to provide everything you need for your guitar under one roof. We have successfully offered excellent branded guitars and other instruments with all their accessories and parts for the past few decades. So whether you are a beginner guitarist interested in trying out new sounds and want to explore the world of guitar effects pedals or you are a professional musician experimenting with different sounds to elevate your sound, we have multiple-effects guitar pedals in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges. In case you are looking for custom guitar effects pedals in Melbourne, we can sort that out for you as well. The perks of being in the industry for decades is the connectivity that helps us to offer our customers some customised products. Our Australian pedal manufactures Kink and Sworgs are happy to do customised pedal builds for our customers.

Feel free to connect with us at (03) 9754 7261 to discuss your needs for guitar effects pedals in Melbourne. We ship all across Australia.