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Many guitar learners begin their journey with a pre-loved guitar and then move on to find their own style and choice of brands. Upwey Music is a great second-hand guitar shop in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, that prides itself on stocking hard-to-find and vintage acoustic and electric guitars. Along with that, we have a large collection of used or pre-loved guitars at prices that are practically a steal.

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Over the last few decades, we have been living and breathing music and have poured our passion for it into our music store. We wish for music lovers and musicians to find the right gear to travel in their musical journeys. As a second-hand guitar shop in Melbourne, we understand that there are tough spots with tight wallets that musicians sometimes go through. Or you might be looking for that.

That is why we have stocked pre-loved and used beautiful guitars and their cases, amps, stands, and all accessories that look great and sound even better.

Vintage guitars are a collectors dream. Like wine, a guitar can age well and sound great when it's stored and maintained in good conditions. In addition, a used guitar adds character, history and a sense of deep love for the music. At Upwey Music store, we wish to bring all of these nuanced characteristics to our many customers. We are one of the most preferred second-hand guitar shops in Melbourne and take a great deal of pride in finding some of the decades-old vintage collector's item guitars.

Visit our store in the hills of Upwey for personal interaction and to explore our varied collection of vintage, and, pre-loved guitars.

Used Guitar Shop

The Upwey Music store is a locally owned independent music shop in Melbourne eastern suburbs run and staffed by seasoned musicians. We handle our equipment with care, and maintain them in excellent condition. As highly experienced and passionate musicians, we have skills in restoring guitars, amps and other accessories to achieve their original performance levels. Our loyal customers keep coming back to us as their go-to used guitar shop to get their guitars restored or swap them for different models and makes.

If you are looking to upgrade your gear – the guitars, amps, guitar pedals, and the works, then visit our used guitar shop to get a look at some of the vintage guitars that we have in stock.

We deal with a wide range of guitars, string instruments for orchestra and bluegrass instruments like the banjo and mandolin, and we are sure you'll find the right guitar for you from our used guitar shop in Upwey.

Looking for a particular pre-loved guitar? Connect with us over a phone call at (03) 9754 7261 to discuss your requirements. We ship all across Australia

Vintage Amplifiers for Sale

In the music industry, the old instruments have immense value, and if you are a music lover looking for a vintage amplifier for sale, then we have what you need. We pride ourselves in stocking up our store with the equipment we love to have and believe that there are many out there waiting to get their hands on a vintage tube amplifier. Call us at (03) 9754 7261, and we’ll glad to get the vintage you are looking for at a great price.